Do you provide emergency services?

We do provide emergency services. Additional charges will apply. q

Do you provide rekeying services?

We rekey locks as well as sell and install new locks! Visit our rekeying page to learn when rekeying is an option.

Should I rekey or buy all new locks?

That depends. If you’ve merely had employee turnover and keys were unreturned, rekeying is an option. If you had a break in and the actual door and lock were damaged, it’s time for an upgrade. Call us today for a free security review.

Can I actually see your products, or do you sell from a catalog?

Yes, by visiting our retail location.

If I buy a safe, how do I get it home and in the right place?

We offer complete safe delivery and installation anywhere in your home or business. We can also move your safe, and help you reset the combination if that ever becomes necessary.

I acquired a building with keypad locks and don’t want to install all new. Can you help?

We can integrate older keypad systems with new ones, keeping your costs down while ensuring updated security.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards, and can offer open accounts to established business customers.

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